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During the Diwali festival, the people of Rishikesh spend weeks crafting and then gifting each other home made candles and lanterns. They then cover their homes, city streets and even the river Ganges in these home made incandescents and light them each night for 5 nights. This festival and its symbolic glowing city of lights celebrates the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, the importance of knowledge, self-improvement and seeking the good and right path.


Our story


In the fall of 2014 founder, Ryan Magill took a life changing trip to India. While in the city of Rishikesh, he watched the locals prepare for the annual Diwali festival, the festival of lights. This is the story of how it all began...


While immersed in this celebration, Ryan saw the joy and profound meaning these candles bring. He decided to bring that passion, gift giving and positive energy of the candle celebration home with him. Since this trip, Ryan has been obsessed with finding the best small batch candle companies from around the country. Not only does he look for the highest quality candles, but companies that give back in some way or another. 


In 2017, Ryan decided to unite the concepts of candles, charities and community. This is when Karma Candle Club was formed. It was his goal to not only bring the best quality candles to people across the county but to promote a sense of charity and community. With every box sent, Karma Candle Club donates to a charity of the subscriber's choosing.

"Karma bracelets" are given to every new member as a friendly daily reminder to always do good.  To remind us that we're all on this journey of life together, so be good to each other.